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Featuring our Apple Jax Strain

Welcome to Strain Station

Locally grown, owned, and operated.

Our Story

Customers Come First

We are a local family owned and operated business. Our mission is simple: to utilize nature in a way to advance and cultivate wellbeing. Finding the balance in our minds, bodies, and environments has a profound and lasting impact on the individuals and world around us. 

Our medicinal cannabis is locally grown, glass cured, and hand trimmed. Free of pesticides and foliar sprays. Providing patients with the finest cannabis that is pure, potent and full of flavor. Our focus is to provide our patients with products that will meet their every need and help guide them to ensure they have the best possible experience with medicinal cannabis.

Nothing is better than hearing about how our products help our customers and their communities.

*Support your local growers.

Strain Station

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2069 Atlantic Hwy
Warren, Knox County 04864


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